Our Wine

Our wines are carefully selected from two great Bulgarian wine-growing regions – the Thracian Valley in the South and the Danube Plain in the Northwest. These wines, produced in small quantities, and are deeply connected to their terroirs and exhibit their unique characteristics.

The wines from the upper Thracian Valley come from the alluvial soils in the collar of three massive mountain chains. Part of those wines are grown in the Southwestern-most corner of Bulgaria and the region of Melnik. This region is sunny and dry, with sediment-rich, pebbly and sandy soil.

The wines from the Northwest come from the Belogradchik region, also known as Bulgaria’s “Monument Valley”. These soils are surrounded by 240 million year-old red sandstone. Typical with its cooler climate, this region’s vineyards struggle against cold winters and comparatively dry summer seasons, producing impressive wines.